kiosk pizzeria, aalborg, dk

Location: Skudehavnsvej, Aalborg, Denmark
Program: Retail
Client: Private
Built Area: 35mq
Arch. Paolino Di Leo, Eng. Gabriele D’Amico
Scope of the work: 
Change of use and Renovation

The assignment was to renovate a kiosk in Aalborg Street Food and transform it into a pizza kiosk with a new design.

The kiosk measures 32 and has a rectangular shape 8mx4m circa. We kept all the original components: steel beams and columns, roof and floor. The main design decision was to create a long perimeter countertop in both the small and one long side of the building. In this way, greater visibility is created and also the possibility for use as tables and chairs.

The signage was placed central to the front to keep a nice symmetry. The stations where to place the ingredients, the oven and the fridges were disposed to the back, while the works surfaces, the counter and sinks on the other 3 sides, nicely hidden from the height countertop.